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ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF SOUND presents The Crunch And Those Who Know It MP3 album download

ILLINOIS DEPARTMENT OF SOUND presents The Crunch And Those Who Know It MP3 album download

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Illinois Department of Sound shows off its' noisier side with this guitar-heavy hour long MP3 album download celebrating the noise of the machine, the ghost in the machine, and the time spent drifting through the core systems of sound before finally being discovered and hauled back to Earth for processing.

If you are a fan of looper music, Fripp/Eno, King Crimson, or more experimental Radiohead, you are likely ready for this sonic journey. If you are new to improvised music, noise, art-rock, or what some call experimental music, IDoS is for you.

Did you cut your teeth on post-rock in the late 90s and early 00s? Illinois Department of Sound finds much in common with Godspeed! and Trans AM amongst many others.

Why all the comparisons? Because people always ask how we classify these sounds, which is difficult to answer without providing cultural references. But this is getting into the weeds.

The Crunch And Those Who Know It, a sonic journey inspired in part by Richard Ayoade's line in an episode of The Mighty Boosh (if you know it, you're already our favorite person for the whole of today) is a high-quality MP3 album download.

This one-hour-plus album is presented as a unified listening experience on a SINGLE MP3. There is one hour-long MP3 to download rather than a dozen individual tracks. All material on this album copyright markobarloco and Joe Wallace who are Illinois Department of Sound.

TRY IDOS BEFORE YOU BUY! The music in this video is NOT on the album for sale here, but it is a good example of what you can expect from IDoS.

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