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Illinois Department of Sound Live from the International Space Station

Illinois Department of Sound Live from the International Space Station

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Illinois Department of Sound presents a long-form live event featuring an hour of spontaneous, improvised music and soundscapes made for fellow space travelers worldwide. Think Ennio Morricone meets Nurse With Wound, or any Godspeed! album you care to name.

In an era where AI-generated music and art are causing huge debates, IDoS is markobarloco and Joe Wallace, who create music and sound as two live humans.

No AI or unattended generative music is happening in this performance; it's about what two sonic adventurers are able to create with their hands: portable electronics, battery-operated keyboards, looper pedals, and traditional instruments.

This is music for inner space exploration.

Illinois Department of Sound is inspired by many different things, including Nurse With Wound, Coil, Guided By Voices, Miles Davis, Pierre Boulez, Perry & Kingsley, and the early cinema of Kenneth Anger, James Fotopoulos, and Fritz Lang.

Live from the International Space Station is a single-track, one-hour high-quality MP3 album intended to be experienced in a single listening session like a live concert, hence the lack of individual track listings.

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