Joe's Exploding Zoo Open For Business And It's About Damn Time

Joe's Exploding Zoo Open For Business And It's About Damn Time

Joe's Exploding Zoo is FINALLY open for business. It took a while to get here but your humble(?) shopkeeper here is glad to be up and running. So now that you are here, WTF exactly is Joe's Exploding Zoo?

Joe's Exploding Zoo releases independent music that's left-of-center, unusual, unique, and not-quite-heard-before. It's not so much about a genre as an attitude.

Could this project comfortably promote an hour's worth of experimental accordion thrash-metal side-by-side with a country ambient record? Yes, yes we could. And likely might, given circumstance and opportunity.

Joe's Exploding Zoo also publishes zines and other print matter. This is about being INDIE and being FREE from constraint (usually financially related) except where it is deemed necessary. You know, the way we all want to be free but some people like a bit of privately-explored bondage games from time to time. 

Joe's Exploding Zoo has a long history in other forms, but it got its start ages and ages ago in a radio station in Misawa, Japan. That's a story for another day, but it WILL be told eventually. It has a happy ending.

Here's the fine print. 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all purchase. We are primarily digital and any physical work sold here will be clearly identified as such. 

At the time of this writing, the site is still under a wee bit of development so if you experience problems please get in touch. We will sort things out as quickly as possible.

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