Joe's Exploding Zoo Begins

Joe's Exploding Zoo Begins

Today, July 23, 2023, is a unique day. Long ago I did an alternative radio show on Sundays (1992-1995) called Joe's Exploding Zoo. It aired on the American Forces Network Misawa, Japan and it was happening at the same time I was making zines and running a little cassette-only microlabel.

All these ages later I decided it was time to bring Joe's Exploding Zoo home from Japan, so to speak and give it new life here as a place to sell zines, art, and related creative life seems to need a centralized place online to push these projects into the world.

I struggled to find the right name for this site, and after a lot of deliberation it seemed right to bring things full circle, go back to the well, and return to where things all started, philosophically speaking.

And so Joe's Exploding Zoo begins, featuring mostly my work but the work of others as well when it speaks to me. Or you.  This space will be a bit minimal at first, the way they always are. But over time we'll fill this space with a LOT of work across.a variety of styles and themes. Thanks for starting the journey with me.

Joe Wallace
Head Zookeeper and Archivist

Joe's Exploding Zoo

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