Introducing Joe's Exploding Ambient Experimental Music Reviews

Introducing Joe's Exploding Ambient Experimental Music Reviews

It was bound to happen. I'm starting a review column in this space to discuss ambient, experimental, unusual, unheard, and unclassifiable music.

One of the motivations for this is because I like discovering new sounds and hearing how others approach similar musical and artistic genres and scenes.

The problem with doing a review column is that there is always a metric ton of unsuitable material submitted, and even among appropriate submissions there's a lot of noise and not as much signal, so to speak.

But the discoveries are worth it. So, effective now and going forward I am in search of new projects that are ambient, unusual, experimental, involve soundscapes or other non-musical audio, or otherwise push the boundaries of recorded sound.

I won't review much mass-appeal music, there are plenty of people doing that already. And I have already decided to review vintage releases on vinyl also, not just new odd sounds.

I originally intended this announcement to be coupled with a call for submissions from sound artists, but I ultimately decided to accept submissions but not solicit them.

I tend to do better with my own research, so while I will NOT discourage you from sending a link to a review copy of your work, I don't rely on submissions for the review section.

Stay tuned for positive, fun reviews of an assortment of unheard and underappreciated sounds.

Joe Wallace

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